Templo Afroreligioso CABILDO NUEVO MAIOMBE

Templo Afroreligioso CABILDO NUEVO MAIOMBE

Tradition and religion as a family
Casita Palo Mayombe


The Cabildo Nuevo Maiombe has the mission of gathering all the believers and the people identified with the traditional African religious practices and most particularly the bakongo ones, taken to the Americas in the time of slavery.

Our principal mission is to carry out activities of liturgical character, cultural activities, humanitarian, and research with sole purpose of preserving and rescuing the ancestral beliefs of these African people and their descendants in the Americas, as well as to be able to cooperate in the dissemination of its values in the general sense.

We organize, collaborate and exchange with other poeple and institutions of the World that has the same or similar characteristics in rites, ceremonies, and scientific research projects, encounters, seminars, conferences, courses, contests, festivals and African art that engulfs different religious manifestations, as well as cultural manifestations of the African continent specially in the Bantu (Bakongo) area such as their habits, costumes, stories, legends, their religion, theatre, dance, and traditional medicine.

We help the study and disclosure of these religious traditions through the help and cooperation, in the general sense, of all the people and institutions of the World, that without the following interest’s political, ethnical, speculative, intervening or any other form that undermines their dignity. We strive for them to be able to promote their intelectual, religious, humanitarian and financial role.

Entrada de Casita Ngando Batalla


Cabildo Nuevo Maiombe is an Afroreligious temple created in the year 2005 by a group of philanthropists, practitioners and scholars of the genuine ancestral African traditions of Bantu origin and more specifically the bakongo, taken to the Americas in the time of slavery with the aim to organize, promote and support the religious practice of Mayombe of Vueltabajo.


Rescue and preservation of the religious and cultural heritage of the Bakongo

Ralph Alpizar